Who are SpacePort?

SpacePort are Sarah Wheaton, sometime government data analyst turned JavaScript data visualisation expert, George Dewar, extrovert hacker, laptop panelbeater and all around nice bloke, Troy Patrick, mobile developer with an eye for elegant design and Farshid Shokoohi, client relationship guru with an extensive technical background. We have been carefully selected from Datacom to join the exciting world of R9.

What are we doing?

SpacePort are working on Opportunity 10: Painless Payments. We are focusing on the pain that Customs and importers experience with Deferred Payment Accounts, where imports are held at the border every day due to importers unexpectedly exceeding their credit limits. We are planning to provide importers with instant access to important information about their accounts so that they can effectively manage them.

Pain with Payments?

We are now looking from a wider perspective at problems businesses have with making payments to government. Survey data has shown that many businesses find making payments to various government agencies difficult, but we need more detailed information. If you can help, send an email to Sarah to get in touch. We can talk to you on the phone or in person, or you could just email us your stories and thoughts on what's difficult (if anything) about making payments to government agencies (or any related aspect). Your correspondence will be kept confidential within the team unless you permit otherwise.